Queens Get the Money (feat. DJ Doo​-​Bay, Black Smith & Kreative Tendencies) - Single

by Publish or Perish

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The Publish or Perish crew bare their feelings over a cold Jay Electronica beat, stripped bare of drums, originally off Nas' 2008 album 'Nigger.'

The first song recorded by the three together as a collective, the track is fitting as an introduction to the group's debut mixtape 'The First Meditation.'


[Verse 1 - DJ Doo-Bay]
Man, queens get the money, the kings get nothin'
That's what it really is, girl, and you ain't above it
I told you when I first met you that I'm gon' love it
What we got, what we have-- baby girl, all of it
While people on the streets slingin' to dope fiends
I'm workin' hard, girl, to get you the most of things
Queens get the money, you kings get nothin'
I call bullshit, I'll spend my love on a ring for ya, woman!

[Verse 2 - Black Smith]
Yeah, dats wazzup! Yeahhh
Queens get the money, while kings get nothin'
Now Hip Hop needs somethin', these sissy niggas frontin'
So I turn an ear to the mumblin'
The moanin' and groanin' of an unsatisfied audience lackin' lovin'
Crank this, up inside your dome
Via stereo at home, by way of radio on chrome
Wheels, bump it proudly atop the uneven and broken roads
Portable quotables render totable my listeners' heavy loads
Check it! We three kings comprise Publish or Perish
Tell the industry beware us, listeners will declare us
The top of the entry level, and in our rhymes you revel
The voices of three rebels
Now stand back and behold the speakers tremble!

[Verse 3 - Kreative Tendencies]
You ain't even gotta ask, you know who it is!
Uh... yeah, yeah, yeah
Welcome to my world--- tell me how it feels
Filled with craziness
Tryna judge women off the Liar's Paradox
I'm sorry if I'm comin' off a little philosophical
But based on the title, man, it's only logical
Now back to the introduction, you can call me Oz
My mood so cold but everything I spit be fire

[Verse 4 - DJ Doo-Bay]
Yeah, we the kings, and we got nothin'
Workin' from the bottom up to somethin'
When we up in the air, you gon' be with me
Open my eyes wide and realize you're with me
Pan the picture out, and we in our fifties...

[Verse 5 - Kreative Tendencies]
And if I'm still around, I'mma make you feel me
You can either salute me, or kill me: those are your only options
Got dreams of chart-toppin',
Logically I wanna make that a reality
But nowadays only money can buy dreams
So, all I can do is dream
And that's reality.


released January 1, 2012
G. Dube, J. Smith, A. Dobbins, T. Thedford



all rights reserved


Publish or Perish Oklahoma

Kreative Tendencies.
Black Smith.
We are Publish or Perish.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

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