Opposites Attract (Freestyle) - Single

by Quentino

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In this first offering off his fourth project in the ongoing series, "Return of the Scorpio King," Quentino puts a creative spin on an old Kendrick classic.


We hurt people that love us
Love people that hurt us
that's what Kendrick told me
and now I end up wondering
How do we attract?
Are you positive and am I negative?
Or am I positive and you're negative?
or maybe we are two positives that just stay back
or maybe we two negatives that stay back
all I want to know is what we doing now
are we trying to make everything work
Will this be a Easy A or will we fail the test to be with on anther
cause baby I love you
but do you love me
do you want to be with me is the real question
cause all I feel is like I'm lessen
all I did was listen to Opposites Attract
by Kendrick Lamar
tryna be able to figure out tho
how do we attract and how do we listen to each other
and how do we make it happen
how did we get this far and then split apart
I don't even know
I just don't know
now I feel like I'm lost in this world
without my lil baby girl
without you beside me
somebody gotta move in the hobby
now I'm just tryna figure out where are we going
with this whole life of ours
you said "I ain't got a decent job"
why did you bother mentioning any of that
why did you even bother trying to bring me down
why did you try to do something like that
all I wanted to say was just fuck you
shut the fuck up
and all of that shit
but I couldn't because I show too much love
and I thought all we was gonna do was just argue
then you end up saying that it was too much for you
so you broke up with me
and now look at me
tryna figure out
who's next in my list to be with me
because I feel like you don't want to be with me
and maybe that's life
and maybe that's it
and maybe this is it
maybe we're finished
but I don't know
cause you a Leo
and I'm a Scorpio
and we too busy tryna be able to connect
but how is it that the Opposites Attract
that's all I'm tryna figure out
maybe you do something to me that makes me feel so complete
and maybe I do something to you that make you feel so complete
to where we find some relief
but yet I guess we leave
because you know what I'm just trying to make sure we got our own place
but I don't know if end up feeling the same way
because you always end up saying that you want to do this
but I can't even see it because I end up feeling like
you ain't even around
not as much as you thought that you were around now
and I feel so lost
feel like I'm walking through the valley of the shadow of death by myself
because you never was there with me
to be able to guide me also
and now look at me
dealing with so much shit
I'm trying not to cuss in this bitch
but I can't even help it
now I got girls attracted to me like heaven
but only difference is
they ain't like you
and they ain't never gonna be like you
so I can't even tell if I'm gonna be alright
can't even tell if you gonna get out of my head
cause girl I just want you to know that I can't even get you out of my head (ugh)
and girl I just want you to know
that I need you in my life (ugh)
especially with my baby daughter
you always talk about we gone make it work
but where you at when I try to make it work
where you at when I needed those papers first
and we couldn't even get em
cause now I'm on my own
tryna find an apartment
to be able to live life to the best part and
knowing that you say "Pardon of me will be able to be my love"
well I tried to be your love
I tried to be everything for you
and dad told me that opposites attract too
I don't see how
but now I guess I finally see how
because I can't get you off of my mind now

so maybe opposites really do attract


released June 12, 2014
Vocals: Quentino (@quentin_roberts)
Mixing and Mastering: Quentino
Production: Versatile, Willie B.
Single Artwork: CT (@YoursTrulyCT)

Q. Roberts, W. Brown, J. Vonte



all rights reserved


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