The Illest (feat. Kreative Tendencies, QUAY, Black Smith, & DooBay) - Single

by Publish or Perish

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The Publish or Perish crew deliver their rawest lyrics yet in this remix to the Slaughterhouse cut "The Illest."

Contains a sample from The Notorious B.I.G. song "Think B.I.G." Rest in peace.


released May 31, 2012

Vocals: DJ Doo-Bay, Kreative Tendencies, Quay, Black Smith
Production: Crowded Places
Additional vocals: The Notorious B.I.G.
Mixing and Mastering: Black Smith
Single Artwork: HK ( @hkcovers )
Special Thanks to: Slaughterhouse & CT

G. Dube, A. Dobbins, J. Quaynor, J. Smith



all rights reserved


Publish or Perish Oklahoma

Kreative Tendencies.
Black Smith.
We are Publish or Perish.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Track Name: The Illest (feat. Kreative Tendencies, QUAY, Black Smith, & DooBay)
[Intro - DJ Doo-Bay]
Uh! Yeah, you already know I'm comin' back atcha
{Imitates Record Scratching} You know I'm gonna gat that
I do this shit, in the rain or the snow
You know I'm a lyrical master, you just a bastard
Tryna get at this shit, out my ass turd
You know I'm the shit---y'know, no seein'
I am a blind man walkin' with all my feelin's
I'm gon' give it to ya: all the lyrical shit
Bring that back so I can go and make a hit...!

[Verse 1 - Kreative Tendencies]
I guess this is stupid, dumb Kreative
Nigga on steroids about to Hulk the beat, bitch: SMASH!
Mr. Can't Even Talk To Ya Unless It's About Cash
Mr. Speed By In The Red Lambo---Flash!
You get it? I do this punchline shit easy
But ain't nothin' easy 'bout me, nigga, please believe me
I'm after dead presidents
Give a fuck who you say better than!
Show me stacks, nigga! Who better then??
Got as much money as the group from Ocean's Eleven
Lucky Number Five, keep my flow on mean
Do the math, motherfucker! I'm know for spittin' mean sixteens
Been doin' it since I was twelve---got a lil' better, hit the age of thirteen
I really started thinkin' 'bout this rap shit at fourteen, and at fifteen
I saw a need in my own flow and started new assured, and at sixteen I can say... (Cheah!!!)

[Hook - The Notorious B.I.G.]
Lyrically I'm untouchable, uncrushable
Ask your friends, who's the illest

[Verse 2 - Quay]
Yeah, uh! (OK!) Who dare challenge mine? The very sickest style of rhyme
My lyrics got the Asante gold touch, so what's up
On the studs or draw I can call your bluff, or what-
Ever you call it, your boi past all it!
Past ill, past terminal, spittin' testicular, cervical cancer
To anybody that question...I got the answer
With the venemous, yet serious, flow that blows minds
Old Spice; yes, nice; MasterCard priceless
So why ask who the nicest?
I'm the doctor to these undergrads
The father of the son who thought he was dad
Ugh, disgustin'!
To anyone who think they discussin'
That someone flyin' over my plain
I'll 9/11 that brain!
To anybody who think they can cross that line over
I'll put you on line--- haze ya! Done; over!!

[Hook - The Notorious B.I.G.]
Lyrically I'm untouchable, uncrushable
Ask your friends, who's the illest

[Verse 3 - Black Smith]
Quay and Kreative killed it, now all eyez on the Black Smith
Approach me with caution, or you end up on my deathlist
Craniums will overload from the power of verbal MAC 10s
Publish or Perish, all other crews should feel threatened
Tommy guns to Tommy Oliver--- stole Kim from him
Like Em did on Track Sixteen on his LP---
Sixteen on the beat, sixteen ain't a feat
Sixteen, I fell in love and locked my lips around H.E.R. teat
Newborn Wu-Tang babe, cash rules everything I see
Ironic how these preachers claim the left of poverty
Meanwhile all I see inside The Streets' eyes are green
It's cool, though; Game ain't immune to the sickness of my sneeze!
P.o.P gon' blow out the backs of all these bees
The sting of death don't scare me, "Tales of Crypt" is all my steez
The thief's fiend gotta scholar, type of life that I lead
Yeah I only got half a bar--- Big, come back and take the mic please!

[Hook - The Notorious B.I.G.]
Lyrically I'm untouchable, uncrushable
Ask your friends, who's the illest

[Verse 4 - DJ Doo-Bay]
Uh. Yeah! Comin' at your door, bangin' for them treats
Like Halloween, I'm a monster, bitch: open, please!
I'm gonna getcha! You never seen me before
Covered by the blindfold, you know I'mma go hard
Than you ever seen. Man, I'm an evergreen
Blazin' up like a KKK meeting---...
Ohhh daaamn, did he just say what I think he said?
Yeah, bitch, best go on your knees and give me head!
Before I go down, you know I'm gonna be rollin'
Six feet deep, boy, you best not be strollin'
My way, this is the highway, and you gon' be on it
Now I'm gonna be doin' this shit like a Maybach Don, and
I'm off to the races, I'm gonna be reborn
When I die like a Phoenix comin' up out of the soil
Yeah, that's how I do it: lyrical master
Like I said, before, bitch: You just a bastard!

[Outro - The Notorious B.I.G.]
Get your writing crew, get your writing crew
And they dopest rhymes, I get up in that ass every time
Lyrically I'm untouchable, uncrushable
Ask your friends, who's the illest