Rite of Passage (feat. Quentino & Rob Carta) - Single

by Black Smith

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In this single for the upcoming 'Shadow of Death' EP, Quentino and Rob Carta offer counsel to Black Smith as he grieves at his mother's funeral.

"Shadow of Death EP" dropping January 29, 2013.

Happy Holidays, everyone. Be thankful for what you have.


released December 18, 2012

Vocals: Black Smith (@J_Smith_Real), Quentino (@quentin_roberts), Rob Carta (@aoPRIME)
Mixing and Mastering: Black Smith
Production: One Tone, Hans Zimmer
Single Artwork: Dr. Monkey Designs

"Rite of Passage" interpolates a portion of the sound recording "God Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Mi" by Hans Zimmer, for the 'Mr. Nobody' official soundtrack. Sample used with attribution.

J. Smith, Q. Roberts, R. Carter, H. Zimmer & O.T. Anthony



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Rite of Passage (feat. Quentino & Rob Carta)
[Verse 1 - Black Smith]
(Uh, yeah... All right.
Yeah... yeah, uh!...)
Front pew in Church, the left reserved for the family
Still reelin' from the set of cards that Fate decide to hand me
My mood is on shuffle, sendin' home the one who raised me
Feel I let my mom down; now I can never wash my hands clean
Consumed with makin' every single detail perfect
I let slip my mind the thing that made it all worth it
Her favorite song "Stand" listed on the church program
And I left the track at home---now I'm heated like a furnace
Never felt this worthless---how could I mess it up?
Somethin' so important, that which mattered to the both of us!
So upset, I ain't even hear the eulogy
Why'm I actin' like stupidity is somethin' new to me?
I really might as well be more used to it by now
I only make it worse, and bring all of those who love me down
Sulkin' in my seat, Depression lurkin' all around
Can't lie no more: y'all will never know the sadness of a clown...

[Verse 2 - Quentino]
(Yeah... I guess what I could say is that...
When I first saw her... I saw a bright light...)
Back then, at the job, end up seein' her
Didn't know what was goin' on
Then I heard the news about a few years ago
I was upset... and next thing y'know, end up goin' to the funeral
Saw you at the front pew, and you lookin' at the casket
Didn't know this was happenin',
Thought it was a dream...
Then I went up to the front, saw her in the casket
I was a little sad... Looked back at you
Never thought I would see you cry, but instead, bro, you end up standin'
We got your back!
Promise you bro: regardless of what goes on, we gon' be there
Brothers to the end, man, and I promise you that
Because it's came from the heart
Even though this is just a whole new start...
Yes indeed! I finally see, that, this is Paradise for her
Because when she was in this world, she was sufferin'
And now all of a sudden, I see that she's in peace
Thank you, Lord, for takin' her somewhere
Where she can be at peace and have her soul restin'
Because in this place, there is no soul restin'
All we do is deal with trials, and deal with blessings
And since you done took her somewhere peaceful
I know that she's got wings of an angel...

[Verse 3 - Rob Carta]
(Yeah! ...OK...yeah!)
It's OK, son; God got her now
I never experienced this, but I can sympathize
But just know this---She's lookin' down on ya
With a big smile, and her arms open
Sayin': "Keep pushin', and don't never stop
And just trust in God, and keep your head high
And when you wanna quit, just think of me
And I promise ya that those trials'll flee
'Cause I'm with the Father, healed and free
So when you see me, you won't even believe
What God has done. And just to let you know
I'm standin' now. Yes, I am, son!
I know you remembered that's my favorite song
So don't keep stressin', son, 'cause God knew your heart
I'm proud of you, and I can't wait to see ya
I love you, son; you was always my favorite
And one more thing---Keep on dreamin'
And always, stay prayed up..."