Out of Season - Single

by Black Smith

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In the first offering from his upcoming mixtape of the same name, "Out of Season" finds Black Smith ruminating over the progress and the pitfalls of the past two years--- all to the tune of 'Cole Summer.'


released September 24, 2013

Vocals: Black Smith (@J_Smith_Real),
Mixing and Mastering: Black Smith
Production: J. Cole, Lil Nik, TOBEY
Single Artwork: Dr. Monkey Designs

"Out of Season" is a remix of "Cole Summer," which itself interpolates a portion of the sound recording "Nothing Even Matters" by Lauryn Hill featuring D'Angelo off 'The Miseducation of Lauryn HIll. Sample used with attribution. Instrumental replicated by Lil Nik and TOBEY.

J. Smith, J. Cole, T. Offergeld, L. Hill, M. Archer



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Out of Season
[Verse 1 - Black Smith]
Now this right here is not a preview
Of what my album gon' bring you
It's nothin' like that
So don't be goin' 'round callin' this a GALAXY track
Simply givin' y'all supported me a part of me back
Escaped the shadow of death, thought I'd call it a wrap
Then I'd caught up my breath, now I'll pick up the slack
Never throw in the towel, over the simplest flack
Been a wordsmith since birth creatively colored me Black
Turnin' 21 years at the point of this rhyme
Always felt the clock's hand was never on my side
Would've gave an arm and leg for better odds or more shine
But now I give you palms for a read, so let's ride
Been a bumpy semester, had to face my worst fears
And I'm not gonna lie, late at night there's still tears
Can't believe it's already been almost a year
And though we all have our time, I wish my mom was still here
But lemme pause and rewind, for the sake of revered
Dropped an EP for free, and my fans--- they all cheered
A couple blogs noticed; gained respect from my peers
But like objects in mirrors, things ain't what they appear
Reflections turn upon my hometown
Apologies for how little I seem to come down
But when your day-to-day's politely telin' customer's to drive 'round
You tend to realize, money's not meant to be burnt now
What I wouldn't give for a cash cow
But that's the sacrifice we make when we take a higher course now
The fruit doesn't always follow the plow
And sometimes the Father just doesn't favor the child
Checked the status of my hometown
And looked for posts that displayed some support for my crew's sound
I'm sad to say those signs were nowhere to be found
If the village abandons you, can you call that place a ghost town?
I'm feelin' that's a real possibility
But the bitterness is killin' me
I think I need to let it go
'Cause nothin' even matters

[Hook - Black Smith]
I think i need to,
Let it go, let it go, let it go-o-o-o
I need to let it go (Ooooh...!)
'Cause nothin' even matters...

[Verse 2 - Black Smith]
Allow me one more chance
To right out all the wrongs I've made
The pen connected to my brain
Ink flowin' through my veins
The BIC is now my brainstem
One with my roots, the colors of my heart are painted
Picture ain't so pretty but the beauty is in the details
And if lyrics sell, then I'm anticipatin' retail
What's in store is a concoction of bars and cars
Mixed with pain, anime and some divine spark
Make no mistake, my nigga, I'm out creatin' art
Just hope my house is in order 'cause I hate playin' cards
And if it all falls, I'll just continue on
Till curtain call time, y'know I gotta play The Bard
But before I pull my encore, give me a little space
Unless I do somethin' shady and blow out my fuckin' brains
Although I gave you a project full of my grieving pains
Don't push me into fulfilling all of those bleeding claims
Less than two months to complete the tape, I'm panickin' now
But took a break from studies for now
Just to give my last words to this bitch named Summer
500 days later--- hate I gave you my number
Opened my eyes for the first time and embarrassed myself
'Cause I saw a full crowd but only got crickets for help
Tried my best to vault over the low bar that I'd set
But the flows were like a traffic jam stuck in pen
When Quentin left the sidelines, the matches were lit
Homie fuckin' kicked my ass--- how's that for motivation?
But his musing turned out to be our inspiration
Now QUAY and DooBay are primed to kill it again. Shit...
Since I'm done weighin' all the pros and cons
This never-ending tangent can now finally resolve:
Can't always take the blame when somethin' goes wrong
And sometimes you just gotta fuckin' move on, y'know?
But don'tcha think?
Been a long time comin', this thing between you and me
I gotta let it go
Just let it go...

I think I need to let it go
I need to let it go
I think I need to let it go, let it go, let it go
I think I need to let it go
Cause nothing even matters...

Out of Season... Bitch.