Out of Season

by Black Smith

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The second installment in a planned trilogy of mixtapes picks up exactly where Black Smith's "SHADOW OF DEATH EP" left off, and serves as the bridge between that debut release and Smith's ever-evolving "GALAXY" project.

Featured contributions to the project include his fellow Publish or Perish crewmates Quentino, Dube, Quay, Kreative Tendencies, and CT; Agent J, who leaves his fingerprints all over the production of the project; Malik Castro and Frankie Sinatra, members of the AgSway hip-hop collective based in Smith's hometown; and TYBERSPACE DESIGNS and Aduro Art, who shared creative duties over the project's album artwork.

Publish or Perish is a hip hop collective formed and founded by Austin Dobbins (a.k.a. Kreative Tendencies), Grant Dube (a.k.a. DJ Dube), and Jessie Smith (a.k.a. Black Smith). Associated acts also include Jason Quaynor (a.k.a. QUAY), Tyler Sutherland (a.k.a. CT), and Quentino (a.k.a. Quentin Roberts).


released April 18, 2014

reissued 12 August 2014

"Intro" samples a significant portion of the sound recording "A Peace of Light" as performed by The Roots off the album 'How I Got Over' (2010), and features vocals from Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian & Haley Dekle. All samples used with attribution.

"Out of Season" is a remix of "Cole Summer," which itself interpolates a portion of the sound recording "Nothing Even Matters" by Lauryn Hill featuring D'Angelo off 'The Miseducation of Lauryn HIll. Sample used with attribution. Instrumental replicated by Lil Nik and TOBEY.

"Clique" is a reinterpretation of the song of the same name performed by Kanye West, Big Sean, and Jay-Z, and utilizes the namesake production from Hit-Boy. Vocals by: Jessie Smith, Grant Dube, Jason Quaynor, and Quentin Roberts. Additional vocals: James Fauntleroy II. Chorus conceptn by: Tyler Sutherland. Single cover artwork by: Sean Rossiter, a.k.a. TYBR.

"Ride" was written and performed by Jacob Resto and Jessie Smith. "Ride" also contains an interpolation of the song "Keep Calm N Play Coldplay" as performed by Black Smith. Produced by: Jacob Resto. Additional production by: Jessie Smith. Vocals by: Jessie Smith, Jacob Resto. Single cover artwork courtesy of: Agent J, a.k.a Jacob Resto. Mixed by: Jacob Resto. Assistant Engineer for Mix by: Jessie Smith.

"Last Rites" interpolates a significant portion of the sound recording "Tuning Out..." by Bastille, off the album 'ALL THIS BAD BLOOD.' Sample used with attribution.

"Lights" samples the Bassnectar version of "Lights," itself a remix of the sound recording of the same name by Ellie Goulding off 'Bright Lights'. This recording also interpolates additional vocals by Goulding from "Starry Eyed." All samples used with attribution.

"Paris, Tokyo (Freestyle)" is a remix of the sound recording of the same name off 'The Cool' by Lupe Fiasco. It was written and produced by Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, E. Deodato, and Rudolph Loyola Lopez a.k.a. Soundtrakk. The original sound recording also interpolates a significant portion of "San Juan Sunset" by Eumir Deodato.



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Track Name: Out of Season
[Verse 1 - Black Smith]
Now this right here is not a preview
Of what my album gon' bring you
It's nothin' like that
So don't be goin' 'round callin' this a GALAXY track
Simply givin' y'all supported me a part of me back
Escaped the shadow of death, thought I'd call it a wrap
Then I'd caught up my breath, now I'll pick up the slack
Never throw in the towel, over the simplest flack
Been a wordsmith since birth creatively colored me Black
Turnin' 21 years at the point of this rhyme
Always felt the clock's hand was never on my side
Would've gave an arm and leg for better odds or more shine
But now I give you palms for a read, so let's ride
Been a bumpy semester, had to face my worst fears
And I'm not gonna lie, late at night there's still tears
Can't believe it's already been almost a year
And though we all have our time, I wish my mom was still here
But lemme pause and rewind, for the sake of revered
Dropped an EP for free, and my fans--- they all cheered
A couple blogs noticed; gained respect from my peers
But like objects in mirrors, things ain't what they appear
Reflections turn upon my hometown
Apologies for how little I seem to come down
But when your day-to-day's politely telin' customer's to drive 'round
You tend to realize, money's not meant to be burnt now
What I wouldn't give for a cash cow
But that's the sacrifice we make when we take a higher course now
The fruit doesn't always follow the plow
And sometimes the Father just doesn't favor the child
Checked the status of my hometown
And looked for posts that displayed some support for my crew's sound
I'm sad to say those signs were nowhere to be found
If the village abandons you, can you call that place a ghost town?
I'm feelin' that's a real possibility
But the bitterness is killin' me
I think I need to let it go
'Cause nothin' even matters

[Hook - Black Smith]
I think i need to,
Let it go, let it go, let it go-o-o-o
I need to let it go (Ooooh...!)
'Cause nothin' even matters...

[Verse 2 - Black Smith]
Allow me one more chance
To right out all the wrongs I've made
The pen connected to my brain
Ink flowin' through my veins
The BIC is now my brainstem
One with my roots, the colors of my heart are painted
Picture ain't so pretty but the beauty is in the details
And if lyrics sell, then I'm anticipatin' retail
What's in store is a concoction of bars and cars
Mixed with pain, anime and some divine spark
Make no mistake, my nigga, I'm out creatin' art
Just hope my house is in order 'cause I hate playin' cards
And if it all falls, I'll just continue on
Till curtain call time, y'know I gotta play The Bard
But before I pull my encore, give me a little space
Unless I do somethin' shady and blow out my fuckin' brains
Although I gave you a project full of my grieving pains
Don't push me into fulfilling all of those bleeding claims
Less than two months to complete the tape, I'm panickin' now
But took a break from studies for now
Just to give my last words to this bitch named Summer
500 days later--- hate I gave you my number
Opened my eyes for the first time and embarrassed myself
'Cause I saw a full crowd but only got crickets for help
Tried my best to vault over the low bar that I'd set
But the flows were like a traffic jam stuck in pen
When Quentin left the sidelines, the matches were lit
Homie fuckin' kicked my ass--- how's that for motivation?
But his musing turned out to be our inspiration
Now QUAY and DooBay are primed to kill it again. Shit...
Since I'm done weighin' all the pros and cons
This never-ending tangent can now finally resolve:
Can't always take the blame when somethin' goes wrong
And sometimes you just gotta fuckin' move on, y'know?
But don'tcha think?
Been a long time comin', this thing between you and me
I gotta let it go
Just let it go...

I think I need to let it go
I need to let it go
I think I need to let it go, let it go, let it go
I think I need to let it go
Cause nothing even matters...

Out of Season... Bitch.
Track Name: Clique (feat. Publish or Perish)
[Intro - James Fauntleroy]
What of the dollar you murdered for?
Is that the one fighting for your soul?
Or your brother's the one that you're running from?
But if you got money, fuck it, cause I want some

[Bridge - Black Smith]
Yeah, PSA to the game:
P.O.P. here to stay...
Black Smith on the way...
Check it out

[Hook - Black Smith]
Ain't nobody fuckin' with my
Clique, clique, clique, clique, clique
Ain't nobody fresher than my muthafuckin'
Clique, clique, clique, clique, clique
Ain't no Adam Sandler flick, but I got my
Clique, clique, clique, clique, clique
And all these Kate Beckinsales, they want the
They want the... they want the....

[Verse 1 - Dubé]
Rap's new face--- paparazzi takin' pictures,
Murderin' this place, you should call me Jack The Ripper,
Beast in the sheets like Bow Chicka Chicka,
Ride-or-die clique, pull a semi on a nickhua,
Gotta bad bitch, she drop it, she pop it, yeah, she twerkin'!
Hulk Smash this beat; muthafuckas I be murkin'
Haters be lurkin' but ya can't see me now,
Got mah stunna shades on; I be higher than the clouds,
Walk into the buildin', Louis V from flo to ceiling
What a feelin' it is, to know that I'm the fuckin' shit,
Just MC Hammer a trick and move on to the next one,
You niggas cant touch this because my clique deserves respect, son!

[Hook - Black Smith]

[Verse 2 - QUAY]
They call me Quaynor, Mr Cleanest Valor
A sick' in his mouth, somethin' that's hard to ignore
That's how I'm feelin', flow on a million
Too illin', that I'm not Sicilian and now I'm even killin'
Who?! That boy wild, profile on somethin' vicious
Prolific, mind infinite if we talkin' digits
If we talkin' lyrics, then I can write you epics
And if we talkin' shit, then I'm like a septic
P.O.P. with me, we might even, if we please,
'Cause murder and mayhem, killin' sprees by the 3's
Put in a daze, a day's a maze for the cheese
Y'all out of place in the race when it comes to the steeze
So, bye-bye! Sayonara! Or see ya later
'Cause it's showtime! We the '88 Lakers
We've been, selected and collected to be the beast
So tell me: Who gon' dare mess with P.O.P? Quay!!!

[Hook - Black Smith]

[Verse 3 - Quentino]
(Oh, shit!) Yeah, I'm talking me; yeah, I'm talking he
Yeah, I'm talking about my clique 'cause you know that's what we be
Everybody be fuckin' with us and they be trying to stop us
But you best believe we ain't gone be stopped
We gon' be on top, of the whole world
Let these niggas know what we 'bout
And let them know that we shout.....
Out P.O.P! That's that PublishOrPerish shit
That you ain't gonna be fucking with
Because that's my motherfuckin' ass clique
And you know what--- ya'll niggas end up thinking ya'll running shit?
I dare you to try me, I DARE YOU TO TRY ME!
I dare you to try he and I dare you to try all Six Kings
But I doubt that you'll be able to try all of us
'Cause when you take one down, there will be another
And best believe my whole clique is in this fucking bitch
We don't fuck around with ya'll niggas: ya'll be talking shit
Well you know what nigga? I'm not giving a fuck
'Cause I've been rolling with my clique since day one
Of that 2011...

[Hook - Black Smith]

[Verse 4 - Black Smith]
Name's Black Smith... then again, you should know me
Already, 'cause I left those scars on tracks with how my flow be
Slow me down?... Nah, you can't even catch me
Leave your head spinnin' like the exorcism lady
Leonardo Da Vinci, front row at the Emmys
DiCaprio's mad at me, his veins are drippin' envy
'Cause the Oscars love a brotha, reppin' the vincinity
While Leo's all alone 'cause that shelf award is empty
Feels like a fantasy, complete strangers praise me
I'm like a young Gatsby and I'm searchin' for my Daisy...
Scratch that, bruh: I'm lookin' for an Ellie
Now "I need your love" is what my haters even tell me
Livin' out my dreams--- crystal clear lucidity
Keep waitin' on a kick and I hope it never visit me
'Cause if one does, then I'll end up Calvin Candie
And I'll be pushin' daisies from what the dentist hand me
Live like a monster, or die as a good man?
I took a third option, and made my seventh last stand
Flowed more assertive, and now I gotta hood stamp
Throwed up a Serta, niggas---hope that was a good nap...
Gather 'round, children: the story's not done yet
And don't misconstrue this as a ride off to the sunset
Gave my own life to try'n' save a Kate Winslet
Tellin' me I gotta do the same, ungrateful Juliet?
Swallowed all the poison, spewed a bloody diamond
The gang's all here, la familia's supplyin'
Posse runs deep like the lines that I rhyme with
Divine Providence is that these niggas I'm aligned with
Publish or Perish, we 'bout to change the soundscape
Now let me add the finishin' touch atop this landscape
Molded mountains, mice and men out of mere clay
And despite all the trouble in my past, it's still a good day
Went through, deep depression when MY mother passed
Suicidal thoughts--- what kind of talk is that?
But I been talkin' to God for so long
If you look at my art, he must be talkin' back
Blessin' all my clique...

[Outro - Black Smith]
Ain't nobody fresher than my muthafuckin' clique
Ain't no Adam Sandler flick, but I got my clique
And all these Kate Beckinsales, they want the
They want the... they want the....
Track Name: Ride (feat. Agent J)
[Intro - Agent J]
Along for the ride
Wherever life takes me, I will survive
Along for the ride
Wherever life takes me, I will survive...

[Verse 1 - Black Smith]
All I do is ingrain
Lyrics and hustle into your membrane
Cypress Hill, silence insane
Blazin' a trail through Caribbean cane
Willing and able to shake up the game
Widen the frame that we entertain
Beats from J the Agent of Flame
Trade a few bars of gold in exchange
... Swerving through lanes
K.R.I.T. in the whip, cuttin' off lames
"Children of Earth," we takin' ya names
No holds barred, it's war that we rage
Minimum range, ain't makin' my grade
Fuck with my grand, need more than first aid
Rigor mortis, Lord bless all the slain
Bodies were there already -- know what I'm sayin'??
Complacent remains, fossils of fuel for my own rise to fame
I hasten success by takin' its horns, strappin' the saddle and pullin' its nape
Turn of events? More a twist of fate
Ridin' that strock right out the front gate
"Survival of fittest" the motto for me
'Cause only the strongest will make it today...

[Hook - Agent J]
Along for the ride
Wherever life takes me, I will survive
Along for the ride
Wherever life takes me, I will survive...

[Verse 2 - Agent J]
All I do is complain
Spittin' these lyrics that did not pertain
Talkin' about how my life was tragic
While other kids my age turn savage
Uh, I ain't carry a glock
But I'd just rap about girls on my block
That I was too nervous to speak to
Middle class boy -- man, you're so see-through
I can't believe it
So bland, so self-decieving
With time, I can achieve it.
That bliss that comes with this feelin',
Of joy I have started --
That part's the hardest
But if Smith can escape the Shadow of Death
Then J can escape from Kindergarten
Nineteen... becomin' a man, don't know what that means
Guess I just gotta wait and see
Along for the ride; now shotgun seat
'Cause Life is drivin'
When I arrive in, Paradise I will be smiling
Till then, I'm surviving...

[Hook - Agent J]
Along for the ride
Wherever life takes me, I will survive
Along for the ride
Wherever life takes me, I will survive...

[Verse 3 - Black Smith]
All I do is maintain
Hatred and venom coursin' through my veins
Paycheck to paycheck, I'm makin' the green?
Project X or the Hunger Games?
I ask myself that everyday
Could be worse, could be plain
Do what ya do to keep your own mind sane
Kakarot card, what's my next plane?
Seconds drain, years at this shit and it still ain't payed
Slimmest of layers between love and hate
Waste of my time or just longest race?
Marathon lungs filled with vape
Soles of my shoes and bod worn outta shape
But I still give chase, mane: what can I say?
Heart's in the art and I run my state --
Let it ride...
((The sting of insecurity's the Demon's secret weapon
And I'll be damned if I become another Aesop of his lessons
I learned a long time ago that pain cannot be lessened
So I got up off my ass and penned my name along with Wesson...))

[Outro - Agent J]
Along for the ride
Wherever life takes me, I will survive
Along for the ride
Wherever life takes me, I will survive...
Track Name: Last Rites
[Intro - Bastille]
O holy night, the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till he appeared and the soul felt its worth...

[Verse 1 - Black Smith]
December 23rd, a holy night begins
9 PM as Forrest leaves and a call from Marcus ends
An hour left till close, my restaurant is dead
Then a slight burst of bizz makes me hate the world again...
But my attitude adjusts once reality visits
In the form of a man with no place to title his
A knapsack full of nothing, camouflage, a crooked lens
And a nose with a gash on the bottom of his bridge
He shudders from the cold, stamps his boots on the way in
Shaking slush and muddy snow on the threshold of the den
He asks for me a water, I give a nod affirmative
After filling his canteen, retreats to a booth at the right end...
I pause for a moment as I stock my ice bin
Shamed to say my only thought was on how late we stay open
Continued 'bout my routine, helpin' Eric close kitchen
Countin' dollars and some change, ventin' 'bout the morning shift
Thirty minutes left to 10, a father of three kids
Asks me at the counter if it's too late to take his bid
I contain the loudest sigh, an artificial "nope"
Then he said he'd had experience with the bottom of the rope
Ordered a #2, the largest plate in scope
And told me "keep the change" 'fore I even opened up a roll
The last request he made, before he hit the road
Was that I take the entire meal to that man still in the corn(er)
Tears weld up in his eyes, to me they plainly spoke
That random act of kindness was the simple gift of hope...

[Hook - Bastille]
The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees
O hear the angel voices
O night divine,
O night, that leads to morn...

[Verse 2 - Black Smith]
December 24th, this Eve's about to end
Sittin' right beside 'Leah on the porch of her parents
Then up the driveway a car rolls, the same as mine
Only difference is their color's a much cleaner silver shine
We peer through the front gate as the headlights flicker dim
And then give a warm and happy wave once we see whose ride it is...
Jamy walks up, carrying Marley close to rib
And I marvel at how fast my goddaughter's been growin'
We laugh like little kids, proceed back to the door
When a call on my phone makes me wheel back to the corner
Trev parks his car, then steps out with a smile
The thrill of when you haven't seen your family in a while...

[Hook - Bastille]
The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees
O hear the angel voices
O night divine,
O night, that leads to morn...

[Verse 3 - Black Smith]
December 25th, we celebrate his birth
But my mind is elsewhere and it cancels out the mirth
Give Terrick a big hug and a farewell to his folks
A handshake for the Doc, and tell his mother not to worry...
Pay Clearview a visit: cemeteries never close
And I search in the dark for a grave without a stone
Head is full of memories, from just a year ago
But the bills matter little when you're out here on these slopes
A dreary realization that you're walking amongst ghosts
On a Tuco type of sprint but this ain't no Ecstasy of Gold
I find my Mother's post, send a prayer to the Utmost
And I pour the forty out as I break down in the snow...

[Outro - Bastille]
Fall on your knees
O hear the angel voices
O night divine
O night, when Christ was born...
Fall on your knees
O hear the angel voices
O night divine
O night, when Christ was born...
O night,
O holy night,
O night divine...
Track Name: Lights (feat. Dubé & Ellie Goulding) [Prelude to GALAXY]
[Intro - Ellie Goulding]
I had a way then
Losing it all on my own
I had a heart then
But the queen has been overthrown
And I'm not sleeping now
The dark is too hard to beat
And I'm not keeping up
The strength I need to push me

[Hook - Ellie Goulding]
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine it when I'm alone
And so I tell myself that I'll be strong
And dreaming when they're gone
Cause they're calling, calling, calling me home
Calling, calling, calling home
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine it when I'm alone

[Verse 1 - Black Smith]
Well...here we go again...
Successful once more when the pad connects with pen
Somethin' 'bout the bass and kick unleashin' all my talent
A po' man but still rich in thought; call me Edgar Allen
Poetic with intent, in the vein of Langston Hughes
Meets W.E.B. du Bois --- souls shaded different hues
Through the darkest times of life, I got guidance from my crew
Now as I pray for safe voyage, the lighthouse signals out my cue, true!

[Hook - Ellie Goulding]

[Verse 2 - Dube]
Now I lay, down to sleep
To the Lord, my soul to keep
Eyes closed, darkness creeps
Driftin' lower, Devil's retreat
In his clutches, in his heat
Can't escape, can't believe
I'm his slave, strapped in chains
Never can I ever see
My children, my friends, my motherfuckin' family
Death -- hopeless
Despair -- broken
Thoughts filled my head,
When I awake from my bed
See myself in the mirror
Can't describe the fuckin' picture:
Body burnt, body torn
Demon eyes, demon horns
Blood spilled, on the floor
Turn around; there my girl
Dead on the floor -- this ain't right!
I'm the demon from my mind
Not a dream, this is life
Gun loaded, my time to go is now
Now, need to do it now
How, can I live my life without my girl now?
How? Nah, gun cocked, now
Ka... Pow!

[Hook - Ellie Goulding]

[Verse 3 - Black Smith]
Voices in my head, I need choices in my bed
... AWWGGHHH!!! Get out my fuckin' head
Shadows of my ghosts follow everywhere I tread
Now when I step out in the light, all I only feel is dread
But my only fear is death, and I taste it on my breath
Plus I'm askin' every night why I didn't die instead
How'd the blackest of these clouds become the coziest of spreads?
Now I only hope this fire chases down the tar I'm fed
Through these many wounds I've bled, why am I peelin' at the scars?
And if all my dreams are dead, why am I gazin' at the stars?
Lonely at the top, but I led this fuckin' charge
Like the art's my only love, but my game ain't up to par
The agony prescribed, without the ecstasy to start
And the pills I've tried to pop can't dull the sharpness of these darts
Poison in the tips of every hollow, every barb
So I pray my heart ain't infected from my affair with all this dark
Told the roomie "leave my door cracked" before he hit the switch
Maybe not the best idea--- my entire body starts to twitch
My eyelids won't even touch--- what kind of nightmare am I in?
But I sense it in the air: my hellish Matrix hit a glitch
And there in front of me, sat the figure of a witch---
A black and hazy mass of a woman with a grin
Whose grey and empty pupils sent me shivers deep within
And the tremors only heightened when her fingers gripped my chin
As I'm fightin' for my life, a hiss of hot air whiffed my nose
And my chest is tryna heave, but my lungs won't even blow
Would shrill the loudest scream, but my vocal chords are closed
And I wonder, why's this always happen when I'm all alone?
But as my corazon thumps its final desperate roll
A discovery is made, coldest one I'd never known:
My mind broke down to pieces once I saw my Mother's go
And the final question is: will I ever again feel whole?...
Track Name: Paris, Tokyo (Freestyle) [feat. Rob Carta]
[Intro - Black Smith & Rob Carta]
Now if you never left Houston, get a passport
Never left Little Haiti? Get a passport
If you live in South Central, get a passport
So you can see the world... yeah!
And if you rep the five boroughs, get a passport
Or if you're in the Dirty South, get a passport
If you're on the Westside, get a passport
So you can see the world... yeah!

[Verse 1 - Rob Carta]
My flow, is stupid like the Stooges
I would do more punchlines, but we'll save that for later
Take a trip with me to a place called Pure Imagination
And close yo' eyes and just dream
As we float in space past Neptune and Mars
And play hide-and-seek with the stars. You must be superstar,
The way you shine so bright
Man, it's gots to be right!
I'll take you anywhere that you like
Just tell me. You say you want to go there?
Come, let's go. We don't need no luggage
We take a plane to Paris, land on top of the Eiffel Tower
And make sweet love--- who cares who's watchin'?
Then we go to Rio, and sing with the birds as we watch the sunset, uh
Wherever I go, she goes... if that's fine with you, though!
I wanna be with you forever, a love with no limits
Babe, you're so beautiful, can't wait to make a lifetime commitment
One plus one equals two: that means me and you
A love so true, yeah!

[Hook - Black Smith & Rob Carta]
Let's go to sleep in Paris, wake up in Tokyo
Have a dream in New Orleans, fall in love in Chicago
Mayne, then we can land in the motherland
Camel back across the desert sands
Then take a train, to Rome, or home
Brazil, for real
Wherever I go, she goes
Wherever I go, she goes...

[Verse 2 - Black Smith]
My flow, is 'bout as fluid as a liquid
What else I gotta prove to you to show that I'm with it?
On a quest like The Tribe's; see, I'm askin' Can I Kick It?
It's on my bucket list, so babe, consider me a pilgrim
Your body is my Mecca, let my palms grace ya temple
Playa's givin' you the runaround, so I'mma keep it simple
Awake the beauty in ya, Prince Charming; here's a sample
'Cause I'll never give a woman less love than she can handle
That's just one example, of the power that I'm wieldin'
Together, we can raise the total value of this building
Comedy meets pleasure, permeate your sensor centers
Lovingly embrace the laughter of a joker and a tenor
Who can serenade ya better than a Legend or a Frankie
Ocean views ain't got nothin' on your beauty, frankly
Sinatra couldn't best me, Marilyn can't hold a candle
To your eyes and lips and legs--- your fire is ample
Got me burnin' with desire, better than Naomi Campbell
The flame is ignited, and that form cannot be dampened
Good warm lovin' and I want more of it, ha!
Please accept my offer of marriage, y'know it!

[Hook - Black Smith & Rob Carta]
Let's go to sleep in Paris, wake up in Tokyo
Have a dream in New Orleans, fall in love in Chicago
Mayne, then we can land in the motherland
Camel back across the desert sands
Then take a train, to Rome, or home
Brazil, for real
Wherever I go, she goes
Wherever I go, she goes...

[Verse 3 - Black Smith]
I hope you like my steelo--- yeah, you know it's free
On the same CD with the rest of my own "Be"
You know that I wantin' to brave the seven seas
To see your face again, and make our dreams reality
Shout-out, to Wasalu and my nigga R-O-B
Listen to another Carter charter hearts and diamond rings
And as we close the track, prepare for what you'll see
As a man becomes one with a girl called Destiny...

[Verse 4 - Rob Carta]
Appreciate the shout-out--- I hope you like my style though
I take you wherever I go: baby, that's my motto
This is what real love is, baby
And forever is what I been thinkin' lately
So you see that floor there?
Here, I put my knee there
I don't want it to end here
So let's make it official, yeah! ...

[Outro - Rob Carta]
Wherever I go, she goes
Wherever I go, she goes...
Wherever I go, sheeeeee goooooooooes...
Yeah! One time
For your minds... haha!
Track Name: Dreams, Pt II (feat. Quentino & Quay)
[Verse 1 - Black Smith]
The thin line, between what's real and what's dreams
I can finally see it now, nothin's what it seems
Dreams sometimes take a life to complete
Sometimes dreams dissipate when they must compete
Like the distance, between the match and what's lit
And the fuse we connect to our own timer that ticks
Collectively, we dream of chrome rims and gold spins
I dream, of honest deeds and never-ending flow pens
I think, change gon' come like Sam Cooke and Doc King
But the current situation's kind of haunting
I hope, fantasy manifests before the swan sings
But I'mma still give a "thank you" if the toll rings
Only wish is I touch souls with every single word
"Stuff that dreams are made of," sans the black bird
Sky's the only limit; wings implanted on my hearse
Memories printed on the heart is how I judge my worth
My mother's biggest dream was to see her son rise
And I've been on that same mission since I dropped Open Your Eyes
So no matter what, ya boi is gonna make it
And in the words of Big Sean: "Bitch, I'mma be famous!"
I dream...

[Quay & Marsha Ambrosius]
My ambitions as a writer
I pray these words take my higher
Yeah, that's on my worth
A dream never deferred, uh
(Light dreams...)
Track Name: XPRMNTL (feat. CT)
[Intro - CT]
They beat the tribal drums till they’re black and blue
It’s nothing new
They beat the tribal drums till they’re black and blue
It’s nothing new
They beat the tribal drums till they’re black and blue
It’s nothing new

[Verse 1 - CT]

[Hook - CT]
Do you feel the gravity?
Do you feel the gravity?
Do you feel the gravity?

[Verse 2 - CT]
Hijabs and hoodies
Sticking kids up for their goodies
Through the veil
Or from under a hood
These kids did everything they could
Please grant the youth immunity
From the this cycle of continuity
GLASS CEILINGS and monthly billings
Repeated feelings of daily killings
Hijabs and hoodies
Sticking kids up for their goodies

[Bridge - CT]
POP POP POP (gunshot noise)
(I’ll sing if the angels won’t)

[Bridge - Black Smith]

[Verse 3 - Black Smith]
I ain't sayin' names, but
All of y'all the same
Mayne, fuck the slang
Fuck the game, hit the play
Buttons pushed, Wrath of Caine
Bodied Abe, saw his face
Offer-rang / offering, thought it plain
Homicidal rage - amazing grace
Coupe-de-graw, mix the pain, list the slain
Guaranteed I ain't sane,
Since I stood outside in that storm of Acid Rain
Pave the way, endless maze
Worst of daze, no escape
Confusing bae's rodent brain
Bubonic plague, what a shame
I am Bane! Poison veins
Darkest night is every day
Demon bats in every dream
Not the way, I like to sleep
C'est la vie, Hola fin!...

[Bridge - CT]
POP POP POP (gunshot noise)

[Outro - CT
Tick tock, on the clock
I wonder if the world will stop?...
Track Name: Outro (feat. Marc Pinate & GRiZ)
[Outro - Marc Pinate]
Fred calls at almost 3 o clock songs meet by cellular vibrations and promised revelations, and mystical manifestations of the eternal and divine. Still/Phil blows my mind with all these thoughts traveling at the speed of light, caught by my phone to remind me that I'm not alone, that it's time to do a rain dance, cause they ain't no such thing as chance. We are for sacrifice, a battle of symbol of sacrifice, to a symbol of a god. And that's what we had to do, Fred and I. Journey to the other side of "why" to the last number of pi, we own the illusion of eyes, a more accurate end to have what is called a ceremony. Where we take the divine stage of ritual and myth, turn water into wine, we find our minds and unwind ourselves to a clearer perception of existence, because that's what we are... "Human Beings" it is the human version of beings. Seeing that is in itself, the first step to enlightenment.
It's time we chimes a couple more times when all of his words begin to fit together like tightest define, divined to battle through time emanating from the mouths and minds of all the true unseasoned prophets. And like rockets, Fred speaks spells, blows on conch shells, rings bells, and tells me to let his words enter my ear. So I can hear and speak past these ridiculous limits of time and space. Force me to answer his questions. Do I want the revelation? Or speak the incantation? Raise my level of concentration? Begin my own personal transubstantiation? And now I'm on a beach, now Fred and I are on a beach, and now could be the beginning of time for all I know. But even that is more make-believe, for time does not exist. Time is what vomits from our mind as we try to comprehend that, which is beyond human comprehension. That which is so much a part of us, that it is beyond us. Eternity... But I'll try to explain it. Or rather I'm gonna poke a hole in this piece of cardboard, and point it at the sun. And this isn't really a solar eclipse, but the image of a pinhole point at it; because at the end we can never actually see the eclipse, because in the end, it all means nothing. When you add up all the highs and lows, the joy, the pain, the lightness and the dark, everything cancels itself out. In the end we're all just heading towards zero. Zero is the perfect balance; the net charge of the universe is zero, an infinite force pushing against its infinite and opposite for all of eternity. That equals zero. In other words, zero and infinity are two sides of the same equation. Which is to say: "the moment is eternal, and eternal is the moment." The moment is eternal. And all eternity exists in this one moment. Therefore, we are eternal. Therefore we are in heaven. And hell, hell is being in heaven and not realizing it. Lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime... I am eternal. And thus do not exist, except as everything. I am the light to the life; I am the bread of the everlasting covenant, and which in no way implies that I am god. No my brothers and sisters I do not profess to say that I am Jesus Christ. What I'm trying to say though is, maybe... maybe... He is me.