Grand Prix (feat. Black Smith) - Single

by Kreative Tendencies

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In this street single for the upcoming album "Pininfarina" by Kreative Tendencies, he enlists Publish or Perish labelmate Black Smith and initiates the takeover atop the triumphant and lively Just Blaze beat for "Show Me What You Got".


released June 19, 2012

Vocals: Kreative Tendencies, Black Smith
Production: Just Blaze, 1500 or Nothin'
Mixing and Mastering: Black Smith, CT
Single Artwork: Elephant Stealth (

A. Dobbins, J. Smith, S. Carter, J. Boxley, C. Ridenhour, E. Sadler, M. McEwan, J. Pate



all rights reserved


Publish or Perish Oklahoma

Kreative Tendencies.
Black Smith.
We are Publish or Perish.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Track Name: Grand Prix (feat. Black Smith)
[Intro - Kreative Tendencies & Black Smith]
Nigga! Haha, CHEAH!!!
Uh, uh, yeah! Dats wazzup!
Yeah yeah! Ay ay, ay ay, uh

[Verse 1 - Black Smith]
Kreative told me "go in"; obligingly I go off
On all these other niggas who bail out when ya nigga roll up
I know I go out with women outside my color
But I never knew a time complexion mattered to a rubber
Do not misinterpret; I'm a fighter, not a lover
Fortified within my craft; so much so that I hover
Go back to the "goin' in" part; treat ever beat a new start
So I go out with a bang on every single beat I go on / Gohan
A product of Goku and Chi-Chi's little fling-ons
New knight in shining armor for all those saddened by Ledger's pass-on
P.o.P the Z Squad, Android 18 my new sweetheart
Krillin always takes the L, a regular Aaron Eckhart
Despite everything I press on, revising first impressions
Kreative and Doo-Bay for the draft amongst these freshmen
We white-out all our fuck-ups and we black-out all our demons
Publish or Perish in this bitch, we most definitely gon' be a problem, niggaaa!

[Verse 2 - Kreative Tendencies]
Niggaaaaaaaaaa!!! Cheah!
This me, oh so sky-high
To get to your level, my nigga, I would have to skydive
I never walk, homie, I fly by
You couldn't touch me with a spaceship, so why try?
I'm so creative that my name is Kreative
That's my introduction, nigga; remember that if I make it
I'm so, monocle, fast car, Grand Prix
And a bad chick for every nigga 'round me
Shots of patron, now I'm in the zone
Try'na keep my flow different, not one of them Jay-Z clones
But, yo' Destiny Child keep blowin' me up like I'm Jay-Z phone
Yeah, I guess yo' chick feel different, so Hov, I be home
I'm so, never sober, so gone, same shit I be on
I always sip syrup till it's gone
Or hot bars...bein' served...till I'm...
Gone! Niggaaa!!!