CONTROL (feat. Quentino & Black Smith) - Single

by Quay

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Publish or Perish crewmates Quay, Quentino, and Black Smith lend their own intense verses to the history-making, Kendrick Lamar-assisted single by Big Sean that set the Internet albaze --- not as a diss track, but instead as a response to a watershed moment in hip-hop culture and an attempt to stake their own claim in the game.

Quay's own project, the "Rehearsal EP," coming this December!!!


released October 29, 2013

Vocals: Quay (@QuayChronicles), Quentino (@quentin_roberts), Black Smith (@J_Smith_Real)
Mixing and Mastering: Black Smith
Production: No I.D.
Single Artwork: CT (@YoursTrulyCT)

Shout-out to Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Electronica --- each a true lyricist. Thank you for the inspiration.

J. Quaynor, Q. Roberts, J. Smith, E. Wilson



all rights reserved


Publish or Perish Oklahoma

Kreative Tendencies.
Black Smith.
We are Publish or Perish.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Track Name: CONTROL (feat. Quentino & Black Smith)
[Verse 1 - Quay]
The inferior wishin' they were equal
This be your "roll credits", no sequel
Let the slaughter spread amongst the people
Your insecurity speaks, I can hear D'evils
Who the fuck's this nigga? He think he can rhyme
Oh, he think he got bars? Oh, he think he can shine?
Oh, he think he the best cause of a few lines
Let's see if he can even rap just one time...
Let 'em know that Quay is Oklahoma's new smoke
My lyrics be ass crack smuggling coke
Dope shit don't fuck wit it tho
Droppin heaven on ears, this just God's promo
Got me cussin'... Lord knows I'm saved
I'm Oklahoma's greatest... Lord knows I've slaved
Not for the, dough, whips or the chains
But to ride down to Hell, commandeer devil's flame
Outchea channelin the spirit of Trayvon from the grave
Every rapper and artist face Revege Reckonin' Day
But look at me wrong, it'll be your Zimmerman day
Bring your best verse you settle in
I come thru, bring a seven in
Then rest in, peace to the beat
Goddamn, hallelujah...the beat just saw Heaven
My God! How many ways can I articulate?
I'll say it one last time for the ones that's hella late
I'm skilled. I'm ill. I'll kill if you in the way
Till they commemorate me, where the fuck's my holiday?
Me and P.o.P. are the only hope for the OK
Either get behind or get lined up--- no clippers tho'
Still lookin' at me and act like you don't know?
My rhymes jump yours comin' from that short bus painted yellow
Flow so right a Klan member bet on me
Lyrics so wet make lesbians check on me
Like the old Steelers: no rapper ever get a pass
Now excuse me, while I take my foot out the track's ass
(Who the fuck's this nigga?) Shut your ass up
'Fore I get juvenile and back your ass up!
Straight for the gut
Square kick in the nuts
Now who else want it wit us? ...
Thought I was done? Nah, this torture for fun
Hurl a MC; middle solar system turned you to a son
What, that's too drastic?
I'm the type that flick a quarter inna traffic
And yell for the next rapper to catch it...
Hahaha! Yeah... Quaynor!

[Verse 2 - Quentino]
(...and these niggas end up thinkin' that they ready for a real mothafucka!
Though these niggas end up thinkin' that they ready for a real mothafucka...
Y'all ain't ready for shit!
I'm the livin' truth, mothafucka!)
Young boy better get it,
When it came to everything, I admit it
But instead I just admitted that I end up coming in
And end up making sure he felt it
'Cause everything I dealt been dealt with
But I'm just sick and tired of hearing all of these lies on the same track
That they end up putting me in,
You niggas thinkin' you the shit
All of a sudden claiming you was this and you was that
Nigga, you wasn't even this or that! Shut the fuck up for once
But I'm so sick and tired of your ass
I decided to end up putting this shit on the fucking track
When a nigga be going there and I end up adapting that
But instead I can't take it, like a motherfucker made it
You end up thinking you got that reputation
Almost like niggas be United Nations
Who is they to end up thinkin'
That your rhymes are really killer?
But instead you end up thinking that niggas be able to end up killing this shit
When a motherfucker don't go all about it
And say that oh yeah I'm ready I end up shedding these niggas like it ain't nothing at all
Put that anchor upon that ball
But instead I wanna be ballin' like a motherfucking basketball player
But instead these niggas are a bunch of haters
So with that I end up going like Darth Vader
Straight up off that but I'm not evil
You motherfuckers end up hearing of people
But instead I be going like trio
Almost like I got my Heat though, but instead I be looking like kilo
Almost like them niggas compete though, but instead like me though
But instead I be hitting that meter,
Straight up off of that 9mm,
Going off on them niggas that think that they be going off
And then they thinking that I won't be bringing it to y'all
But instead these niggas be thinking that they be ready for everything that I got
Well you know what you niggas be thinking about the the way that I just rock pop lock drop
Niggas, upon that rock, bah! Niggas be on that rock, tah!
Almost like I'm top, line
Who is they to rock lines?
Always that nigga that be ready for everything
Almost a bunch of them hearing about a part of my personification
I don't really care: shred you into nothing but gray matter
But instead you niggas be thinking of shattering glass
Almost like the past did the blast from the past
Or the rash from the gash,
Y'all niggas end up kissing ass like y'all was kissing my lap!
I'm the living truth MOTHERFUCKA!!!

[Verse 3 - Black Smith]
Microphone control like the square root of Eazy-E
Cast the stones upfront 'cause the truth is hard to see
Through the lens of a gen on heroin and PCP
Though my lines less blurred, yo' vision still checkered, b
Ain't no pawns on my team, we go by P.O.P.
Fifth king on my side, loyalty's tremendously
Ferrari Populairie, and his creative tendency
Plus QUAY with his quill, capitalize the royalty
Got Doo-Bay on the boards, scratchin' vinyls for the beat
And my nigga CT tryna repaint the Sistine
Now here we all are tryna rock the sixteen
And that's the type of revenge that never tasted so sweet
'Cause they told a nigga once he not cut out for this shit
Then I dropped S.O.D., now sheeple flock toward my shit
I'd drop GALAXY now, but I'm too fly for that shit
But best believe when I do, y'all turn to flies (cuh) I'm the shit!
My word carry weight, so know the track has been ripped
Turn the music up now and spark your lighters at 10
Mortar board been throwed since "Dark Fantasy" spins
Nightmare come to life, thank Dion for the flip!
Coolest kid from a city, that lost its head WAY back
Took a look at the list, crime rites have made my place mAAd
Reviewed the stats, violence outweighs our playback
Still I hope these folks wake up the fire that the state has!
Prophet not accepted in the town where he was raised at?
The past repeats itself, but the present's where yo' pain's at
My boot will always win against these packs of red and blue ants
Try'n' extinguish all the flames I'm 'bout to set off through my rants
Pour the liquor on you hoes, scatch a light, and throw the match
I'm ignorin' all your screams--- third degrees are ya new tats!
What's in store is a concoction of bars and cars
Mixed with pain, anime and some divine spark
Make no mistake, my nigga, we out creatin' art
Just hope your house is in order 'cause I hate playin' cards
And if you down to ride, we shootin' for the stars
Strictly by faith that we made it this far...