Clique (feat. Dubé, QUAY, & Quentino) - Single

by Black Smith

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The second release from Black Smith's upcoming project allows the Publish or Perish crewmen the perfect opportunity to band together and flaunt their lyrical prowess.

"Clique" is a reinterpretation of the song of the same name performed by Kanye West, Big Sean, and Jay-Z, and utilizes the namesake production from G.O.O.D. Music's Hit-Boy. Additional vocals on the song are provided by American R&B singer-songwriter James Fauntleroy II, who performs the song's introduction.

'Out of Season,' 'Something for Everyone,' and 'Dress Rehearsal'--- all COMING SOON!!!


released October 22, 2013

Vocals: Dubé (@PoPdube), QUAY (@QuayChronicles), Quentino (@quentin_roberts) Black Smith (@J_Smith_Real), James Fauntleroy (@Fauntleroy)
Chorus Conception: CT (@YoursTrulyCT)
Mixing and Mastering: Black Smith
Production: Hit-Boy, Kanye West

G. Dube, J. Quaynor, Q. Roberts, J. Smith, T. Sutherland, K. West, C. Hollis, S. Anderson, S. Carter & J. Fauntleroy



all rights reserved


Publish or Perish Oklahoma

Kreative Tendencies.
Black Smith.
We are Publish or Perish.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Track Name: Clique (feat. Dubé, QUAY, & Quentino)
[Intro - James Fauntleroy]
What of the dollar you murdered for?
Is that the one fighting for your soul?
Or your brother's the one that you're running from?
But if you got money, fuck it, cause I want some

[Bridge - Black Smith]
Yeah, PSA to the game:
P.O.P. here to stay...
Black Smith on the way...
Check it out

[Hook - Black Smith]
Ain't nobody fuckin' with my
Clique, clique, clique, clique, clique
Ain't nobody fresher than my muthafuckin'
Clique, clique, clique, clique, clique
Ain't no Adam Sandler flick, but I got my
Clique, clique, clique, clique, clique
And all these Kate Beckinsales, they want the
They want the... they want the....

[Verse 1 - Dubé]
Rap's new face--- paparazzi takin' pictures,
Murderin' this place, you should call me Jack The Ripper,
Beast in the sheets like Bow Chicka Chicka,
Ride-or-die clique, pull a semi on a nickhua,
Gotta bad bitch, she drop it, she pop it, yeah, she twerkin'!
Hulk Smash this beat; muthafuckas I be murkin'
Haters be lurkin' but ya can't see me now,
Got mah stunna shades on; I be higher than the clouds,
Walk into the buildin', Louis V from flo to ceiling
What a feelin' it is, to know that I'm the fuckin' shit,
Just MC Hammer a trick and move on to the next one,
You niggas cant touch this because my clique deserves respect, son!

[Hook - Black Smith]

[Verse 2 - QUAY]
They call me Quaynor, Mr Cleanest Valor
A sick' in his mouth, somethin' that's hard to ignore
That's how I'm feelin', flow on a million
Too illin', that I'm not Sicilian and now I'm even killin'
Who?! That boy wild, profile on somethin' vicious
Prolific, mind infinite if we talkin' digits
If we talkin' lyrics, then I can write you epics
And if we talkin' shit, then I'm like a septic
P.O.P. with me, we might even, if we please,
'Cause murder and mayhem, killin' sprees by the 3's
Put in a daze, a day's a maze for the cheese
Y'all out of place in the race when it comes to the steeze
So, bye-bye! Sayonara! Or see ya later
'Cause it's showtime! We the '88 Lakers
We've been, selected and collected to be the beast
So tell me: Who gon' dare mess with P.O.P? Quay!!!

[Hook - Black Smith]

[Verse 3 - Quentino]
(Oh, shit!) Yeah, I'm talking me; yeah, I'm talking he
Yeah, I'm talking about my clique 'cause you know that's what we be
Everybody be fuckin' with us and they be trying to stop us
But you best believe we ain't gone be stopped
We gon' be on top, of the whole world
Let these niggas know what we 'bout
And let them know that we shout.....
Out P.O.P! That's that PublishOrPerish shit
That you ain't gonna be fucking with
Because that's my motherfuckin' ass clique
And you know what--- ya'll niggas end up thinking ya'll running shit?
I dare you to try me, I DARE YOU TO TRY ME!
I dare you to try he and I dare you to try all Six Kings
But I doubt that you'll be able to try all of us
'Cause when you take one down, there will be another
And best believe my whole clique is in this fucking bitch
We don't fuck around with ya'll niggas: ya'll be talking shit
Well you know what nigga? I'm not giving a fuck
'Cause I've been rolling with my clique since day one
Of that 2011...

[Hook - Black Smith]

[Verse 4 - Black Smith]
Name's Black Smith... then again, you should know me
Already, 'cause I left those scars on tracks with how my flow be
Slow me down?... Nah, you can't even catch me
Leave your head spinnin' like the exorcism lady
Leonardo Da Vinci, front row at the Emmys
DiCaprio's mad at me, his veins are drippin' envy
'Cause the Oscars love a brotha, reppin' the vincinity
While Leo's all alone 'cause that shelf award is empty
Feels like a fantasy, complete strangers praise me
I'm like a young Gatsby and I'm searchin' for my Daisy...
Scratch that, bruh: I'm lookin' for an Ellie
Now "I need your love" is what my haters even tell me
Livin' out my dreams--- crystal clear lucidity
Keep waitin' on a kick and I hope it never visit me
'Cause if one does, then I'll end up Calvin Candie
And I'll be pushin' daisies from what the dentist hand me
Live like a monster, or die as a good man?
I took a third option, and made my seventh last stand
Flowed more assertive, and now I gotta hood stamp
Throwed up a Serta, niggas---hope that was a good nap...
Gather 'round, children: the story's not done yet
And don't misconstrue this as a ride off to the sunset
Gave my own life to try'n' save a Kate Winslet
Tellin' me I gotta do the same, ungrateful Juliet?
Swallowed all the poison, spewed a bloody diamond
The gang's all here, la familia's supplyin'
Posse runs deep like the lines that I rhyme with
Divine Providence is that these niggas I'm aligned with
Publish or Perish, we 'bout to change the soundscape
Now let me add the finishin' touch atop this landscape
Molded mountains, mice and men out of mere clay
And despite all the trouble in my past, it's still a good day
Went through, deep depression when MY mother passed
Suicidal thoughts--- what kind of talk is that?
But I been talkin' to God for so long
If you look at my art, he must be talkin' back
Blessin' all my clique...

[Outro - Black Smith]
Ain't nobody fresher than my muthafuckin' clique
Ain't no Adam Sandler flick, but I got my clique
And all these Kate Beckinsales, they want the
They want the... they want the....