6 Foot 7 Foot (Freestyle) - Single

by DJ Doo-Bay

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After taking a slight break after the release of the 'Animus Vox EP,' DJ Doo-Bay returns with his own interpretation of the modern classic "6 Foot 7 Foot" by Lil' Wayne.

The joint project "Tokyo On Acid" by both DJ Doo-Bay and labelmate Kreative Tendencies is coming soon!


released August 2, 2012

Vocals: DJ Doo-Bay
Production: Bangladesh
Mixing and Mastering: Black Smith
Single Artwork: Elephant Stealth (stealthdesigns.tumblr.com)

G. Dube, D. Carter, P. Panky, Jr., S. Crawford



all rights reserved


Publish or Perish Oklahoma

Kreative Tendencies.
Black Smith.
We are Publish or Perish.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Track Name: 6 Foot 7 Foot (Freestyle)
Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch
Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch

[Verse 1 - DJ Doo-Bay]
Hi, amatuers! And premature rappers!
Your mama wish she swallowed ya, and never should've had ya!
I'm bigger than this world, you should call me Saturn
I got the game cooked and I'mma serve it on a platter
Six-foot, seven-foot, my money keep stackin'
Come step to me, I don't give a shit if you packin'
Ya gettin' low on health, you should go and get some rations
All you'll see is darkness, somethin' like a casket

Six-foot, seven foot, eight-foot bunch
Six-foot, seven foot, eight-foot bunch

[Verse 2 - DJ Doo-Bay]
Can't see them haters, they in my rear-view mirror
See better when I drink, you should call it Everclearer
Swag on full tilt, everybody look at me!
I'm Toy Story Buzzin', I'm off to infinity
Yeah, I be dazed, puffin' on that greenery
I cut it and I bag it, just like Latinos be
Shout-out to my girl---she the finest of them women
I'm an animal, you should see how I'm livin'
I got bars so strong, this beat is in a prison

Six-foot, seven foot, eight-foot bunch
Six-foot, seven foot, eight-foot bunch

[Verse 3 - DJ Doo-Bay]
Representin' my colors, red till I die
Throw in some white now, I'm reppin' the 4-0-5
"Ashin' Kusher" smokin', six-feet strollin'
Fixin' to feel like Otto and Reggie---yeah, rollin'!
Livin' life like I should, and the bitch is lookin' good
Sink so many balls, you would think I'm Tiger Woods
I'm hittin' with precision, lookin' real stupid
Can't do long division, my words are celestial
E.T. on this track, I'm feelin' extraterrestial

Six-foot, seven foot, eight-foot bunch
Six-foot, seven foot, eight-foot bunch

[Verse 4 - DJ Doo-Bay]
If ya verses are wet, yeah, mine'll stay soaked
Ain't no "8 Mile" and I'm never gonna choke
I'm the #1 contender --- you the #1 pretender
Man, I'm hittin' harder than a motherfuckin' fender bender
Swag is unreachable, my style's unteachable
Got a Bill Clinton flow: yeah, it's impeachable!
Man, I get it poppin', like a Jack-in-the-Box
Bitches always bouncin' on me like some fuckin' car shocks
Leave your head spinnin' faster than some tops
Energizer bunny: I'mma hit it till I'm out of power
You say you're a screamer?
Well, I betcha'll make you louder
You got lost in my vocab, you couldn't even focus!

Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch
Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch

[Verse 5 - DJ Doo-Bay]
I'm murderin' this beat; I bet I'd beat the case
Probably go ahead and get a teardrop on my face
Pablo, Picasso---picture is perfection
Fuck with me and best believe I'll kick ya like "Inception"
I'mma have her open like connections on the internet
You could be The Streets, girl; it's time for us to intersect
Rick, Bobby---excellence I piss
I'm off my lid; can't touch this kid, "Hammer Time" it is
I'm a fuckin' beast; can't contain this
I throw it down; fuck yo' couch, I'm Rick James, bitch!!!